Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kiana and I’m the creator behind Love it Scrap it. High quality digital scrapbooking designs at affordable prices to help you preserve what you love. Why Love it Scrap it? Well…when I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking some 8 years ago I dove in fingers first. I learned all I could because I wanted to preserve my family’s memories. And somewhere along the way I found that this was a creative outlet not only for my family’s photos, but for so much more. I could put everything I loved (or hated) in my albums.

From pages about my love of cake or love of writing poetry to pages about my frustration with being a mom or being upset when my puppy chewed my new camera. I could use digital scrapbooking to leave my whole self in albums for my kids, their kids, and maybe one day their kids. So I believe that you should scrap what you love and everything in between too! And not only do I design quality products for you all, but I use these for scrapping all the things I love too. So you can be sure you’re pages will be print ready!

Speaking of my designs…my style leans towards a more traditional paper approach. I love lightly textured papers and elements you can cluster together. My kits usually take a half themed, half general approach because I like to get lots of use out of my kits. I like you to be able to get your money’s worth, so they’re pretty versatile.

I also enjoy writing poetry, fishing, listening to music and binge watching Hulu and Netflix while I design. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better!

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