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How I Maximize my hard drive Space – Tips

As a digital scrapbook designer and avid digital scrapbooker it is important for me to have enough hard drive space. I have to be able to store my supplies and my products on top of my photos, my layouts, and other digital goodies I use to scrap with. So where do all the files go? How do I keep it all?

Luckily I don’t have to store them in some craft room, like paper scrappers, otherwise I’d probably be like an episode of hoarders with scrappy stuff EVERYWHERE! lol
I love the beauty of paper layouts, but I totally could not do that for my own sanity so kudos to those paper scrappers that make it work. šŸ˜‰

So last week I talked about some options for what to do if you’re running out of hard drive space on your PC or laptop. You can read all about it Here. But sometimes it helps to know how someone else does it, so I thought I’d share what I do.

There’s a few things I do right off the bat to keep space open.

  1. I only save the JPEG of my layout. I know lots of digi-scrappers save their PSD’s or editable files because they go back and make changes. But I have no need for them. Not because I don’t make mistakes, because there may or may not be some typos on a few printed layouts, lol, but because that’s part of being human. When I sit down to scrap I only have a limited amount of time. I find the photos I need, the supplies and I go to town. Once my layout looks the way I want it, I check it for typos and if all is good I just save it as a full size jpeg. It’s ready for printing. I am not one to go back and change things or redo layouts so I have no need for a Huge editable PSD file taking up space.
  2. I only save my smaller/web JPEG for ONE month. I love a good digi-scrap challenge like the rest of us. I love being in the forums and sharing my layouts, but the small web versions serve no real purpose except to upload to those forums. So once the month is over, I go delete them from the folders they are in. I can’t print a web version and if I ever need it again, I can always go back to that forum and grab it. So again, I don’t allow it to take up space on my hard drive.
  3. I only save the parts of a kit or template pack I need. For example, on templates, I only save the TIFF file. I find that when I’m looking for a template to use it’s easier to see the preview and TIFF files show images in my folders so I can easily go through and find the template I want to use. I don’t need a PSD if I have a TIFF file, they’re both the editable versions and I never use the PNGs so I delete those too. On kits, I only save the product elements, as in the papers and elements and the preview. That’s it, all the extra designer stuff or previews I delete when I unzip. I know as a designer I include my TOU and stuff too, but if I have multiple TOU from that same designer they are just taking up precious space. Oh and I always delete those dreaded “thumbs” files.
  4. Lastly, I ONLY buy or download what I KNOW I will use. Digital scrapbooking is awesome. In fact it might even be an obsession for many of us. We see all the pretty things and we want them ALL!! I’ve been there. When I started out with this hobby I downloaded every freebie there was to have. I did that for years. And then one day I stopped. I looked through my folders and I had lots of supplies to scrap with but I didn’t want to scrap with them. Why? They weren’t my style. Pretty yes, but my style, no. So I had to learn my style. This took some time, but I found that I’m a traditionalist. I love the look of paper layouts so I like paper style digital scrapbook products. I don’t do artsy journal type layouts, even though I’ve tried it. I don’t do those cutesy doll type kits and elements, they’re just not for me. So I found the designers I liked and when they had a freebie I downloaded. When they had a sale or a product I wanted, I bought it. And I deleted EVERYTHING else. So now when I see a freebie, I’ll really ask myself, is this something I’m going to use, if I hesitate for even a second, then the answer is probably no and I pass it up. I do the same when I’m shopping too. There are so many gorgeous kits out there, but I know pretty quickly now if it’s for me or not.

Those are my 4Ā basics I do for everything. This has worked pretty well for me over the years. I currently have a 1TB hard drive and my digital scrap area takes up only about 200GB of space. (photos, my products, CU and PU supplies, and layouts)

Now let me say if I was in need of space, I’d probably go the Flickr or Shutterfly route I mentioned in my previous blog post. Flickr offers 1 Tb of space for FREE and Shutterfly offers unlimited storage for photos and layouts for FREE. If I ever need space I’ll probably upload photos and layouts there to free up space on my hard drive for supplies.

I hope this has helped. And if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge. šŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “How I Maximize my hard drive Space – Tips

  1. Such good advice. The first six months after I discovered digital scrapbooking I collected what now seem to be very childish elements and papers. It took awhile to discover my own style but now I too am not downloading every free thing…Or keeping all the elements and papers of kits I find for free–sometimes just one element in the whole set is kept. Even on purchased kits I have started letting go of ribbons and such because I have learned to recolor items in Photoshop.

    Quick note: Shutterfly saved my bacon when my hard drive and external drives crashed last Fall. I ordered a CD of all my photos on their site and at least had the best of the best back again. Helped me to start culling out duplicate photos, etc., too.

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    1. Yes, it’s great to find your style and be able to know exactly what you want to keep or not. It’s helped me save space and surprisingly, scrap more, since I have stuff I want to use! Thanks for the Shutterfly note too, I’m thinking of putting my photos there!!


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