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No More Space on my Hard Drive – Tips

If you’re an avid digital scrapbooker like me you’ve probably ran into this problem, or it is soon approaching. lol

The dreaded space issue on our hard drives. We are scrapping to our hearts content and uploading photos upon photos for those future layouts. But like most, our hard drives can only hold so much. They’re about to burst at the “digital” seams because we just have to scrap and we just have to have all the photos and all the digital supplies too! So what do we do?

Well there’s few options I found and I’ll share them with you here.

  1. Buy an external hard drive. With technology changing and growing so quickly you can easily pick up a 1 terabyte hard drive on Amazon for around $60. Like this one by Seagate.  You say you don’t have any extra $$ right now? That’s okay, there’s free options coming too. 😉
  2. Use an online cloud service. There’s probably a billion options out there. PC mag recently did a best of article which you can find Here. And I also found this article Here that outlines some other options as well. While many of these offer free plans, they don’t offer a lot of space under those free plans, but with some plans starting around $5 per month, it might be an option for some of you. (While those first two options are great for our photos, layouts and digital supplies the next one is ONLY for the photos and layouts we have. And that is to use an online cloud service devoted to photos. You know, like Flickr or Google Photos.)
  3. Online based services geared towards our photos. This will include the likes of Flickr and Google Photo. I think Apple even has a service too. Many of our smart phone providers offer online cloud service too, so you might want to check into that. I found an article on CNET and you can read it Here. Free plans offer anywhere from around 2 GB up to 1 TB, with Google Photos offering unlimited space for photos, but only if your photos are smaller than 16 megapixels.
  4. Outside of the box options. The work around. You can use services like Shutterfly to store photos and layouts since they offer unlimited and free online storage space. If you had no other options this is definitely something to consider. Even Pinterest private boards could be a in-a-pinch workaround, but they only offer you 200K pins, on combined private and public boards. But hey, it could work if it was your only option.

Well I hope one or more of these options can help you with any space issues you might be having so that you can continue scrapping all the things you love. I’ll be back next week with the options I go with to keep my space maximized!!! Stay Tuned. Thanks for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “No More Space on my Hard Drive – Tips

  1. one more solution: zip every folder by itself, then zip all files from same designer together… free zip programs like Jzip give you option to zip 90%, which means that zipped file will take only 10% space… and you can easily unzip files when you want to use them

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  2. Another option if you are an Amazon Prime member already is to use their free photo storage service! (I myself have a 1T external because I don’t always have internet access).

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  3. Thanks, Kiana! What I’ve actually been doing is deleting kits I’ll never use. Took me years to get to that point, though, so don’t think I’m crazy! LOL Also, with templates, tifs are much smaller than psd files, so I only keep the tif, the preview, and the TOU. That saves tons of space.


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